Athlete Profiles

Chris Guyll
BigKat Kettlebell Club

Chris is OKSE president and a member of the Grassroots team.He started using kettlebells in 2010 as a supplement to his Thai boxing training. Chris started to compete with kettlebells in 2014, “Kettlebell sport is similar to martial arts in that it is tough mentally, physically and technically-it ticks all the boxes…

Laurence Clemente MS
Kettlebell Nottingham

Laurence has been using kettlebells for 10 years and he has worked with Eddie for the last 5 years.He came across kettlebells as part of his work as a personal trainer,he attended a kettlebell course with trainers at Optimal Life Fitness and was instantly hooked, “Kettlebell Sport provided me the kind of challenge I had been looking for all my life…”

Helen Clewer MS
Momentum Kettlebells

Helen has be using kettlebells for two years. She discovered them after she had decided to stop playing rugby,”I wanted to do something local and by luck happened to see that Momentum did classes using some kind of funny weight nearby so I thought I’d give it a go and it all started from there…”

Tanya Mayes
Momentum Kettlebells

Tanya has been using kettlebells for 6-7 years for fitness and she has been involved in kettlebell sport for just over 4 years. “I needed something efficient I could do at home that took up little space. Well my Husband did, and he roped me in too. Google pointed to Kettlebells as the answer…

Jono Pritchard
Kettlebell Nottingham

Jono is new to the sport, he started training 9 months ago. He came across kettlebell Sport whilst taking a personal training qualification. He was then inspired when working with Ste Gordon and then Laurence Clemente. His first competition was in 2016 at Primal gym and his favourite event is longcycle. He likes training to anything loud to a good beat…

Dan Jones MS

Dan Jones is the first person to achieve OKSE Master of Sport in Biathlon (Jerk and Snatch). Dan began using kettlbells in September 2013, he dicovered them when he attended bootcamp with his wife. The trainer there used kettlebells and introduced Dan to kettlebell sport, he has been hooked ever since. He enjoys the personal challenge and the total workout kettlebells give you. His first competition was in Glasgow in 2014…

Maxine Morris
Kettlebell Nottingham

Maxine started using kettlebells in 2010 when she bought a fitness kettlebell and taught herself to swing using YouTube videos, wanting to learn more, Maxine searched the internet for a kettlebell coach in her area and discovered Chris Skeats through the Dragon Door website. “She introduced me to Laurence Clemente…”

Andrew Bellamy
Brighton Girevoy Sports Club

Andrew has been lifting kettlebells for nearly eight years (initially for fitness),he began competing in 2010.He is as well known for his phtography skills as his kettlebell prowess. Andrew discovered kettlebells through a kettlebell fitness class after having shoulder reconstruction surgery. The technical nature of the sport is the reason he enjoys competing with kettlebells…

Jude Freeman
Kettlebell Nottingham

Jude discovered kettlebells when her chiropractor referred her to a trainer who used them for rehabilitation exercises. She has been using kettlebells for 7 years for general fitness training and extreme kettlebell circuits. In December 2015 she competed in her first IKFF Pentathlon and then she discovered Grassroots. She took part in her first GSU comp in Nov 2016…

Lucy McCappin
Just Train Scott McLaughlin (Scotland)

Lucy has been using kettlebells for three years.She went to a boot camp class and the kettle bell fitness class was straight afterwards. It looked fun and non impact. Then she moved to a great club in Stirling which was Girevoy sport focussed. When this closed she started online training with Titanium. In March 2016 she went over to Just Train in Glasgow for a training session…

Chris Skeats
Kettlebell Nottingham

Chris has been working with kettlebells since 2008. She was introduced to kettlebells by a trainer in a health club and was instantly hooked because she enjoyed the combination of absorbing skills work with weight training. In 2010 she went in search of a smaller kettlebell handle and met Laurence who encouraged her to gain an RKC before persuading her to compete…

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