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Our Current Committee consists of ten members:


Committee members are re-elected every year at our AGM. New members can join throughout the year if agreed by all members of the current committee.

Chris Gyull

Chris Gyull: President/Sponsorship/IUKL rep
Chris has owned Bigkat gym with Chanelle McGill for last 4 years. He has fought in 20 Thai fights and went to Thailand in 2001 to fight on the English team in the heavy weight category . Chris first competed with Kettlebells in 2014 and has recently made the England squad as a veteran competitor.He will be competing in Poland this year .

Becky Fraser

Becky Fraser: Secretary/Team England/Marketing
I started training kettlebell sport in October 2013 and was hooked from the start. Since starting I’ve even had the opportunity to compete for my country, which is something I never thought I’d do. The best thing about the sport has to be the people. Everybody is so friendly and encouraging, especially at competitions.


Jude Freeman: Treasurer/Website/E-mail
Kettlebells have been a key part of my training/conditioning for several years, complementing bootcamps, strongman, Olympic lifting and weight training. It wasn’t until July 2015 that I started to train ‘soft style’ and competed in my first IKFF Pentathlon in December 2015. Seriously bitten by the bug, I competed in the summer pentathlon in June this year and in 2 Grassroots events.
I love the adrenalin rush of being on the platform and the sense of euphoria when my set is over, but best of all is the supportive kettlebell community who are always there to help squeeze out one more rep!

Laurence website

Laurence Clemente: Rankings officer/IGSF rep/Course co-ordinator.
Laurence is a personal trainer and sports massage therapist by trade. He is also the head coach of the Kettlebell Nottingham club. He has been involved in kettlebell training since 2007 and began cultivate an interest in Kettlebell Sport after his IKFF Ckt certification.

Laurence was part of the England squad competing in both the 2014 and 2015 IUKL World Championships, notably winning the bronze medal in the 73kg men’s amateur Long Cycle and competing as a professional in 2015. In 2016 he competed in the IGSF World Championships winning bronze in the professional class and attaining master of sport.



Simon Trenholm: Safegaurding/Anti-Doping
I began lifting Kettlebells again after a year long lay off with a back injury. Originally I began lifting to control my weight and increase fitness for my main sport at the time climbing. Kettlebells quickly took over everything and I entered my first competition in Glasgow lifting in the 24kg Biathlon… I won, then again in Manchester, came second to Sergei Rachinski in Darlington and won again in Nottingham. I was incredibly proud to be part of Team England at the World Championships.

Gary Rothwell

Gary Rothwell: Membership/Club affiliation
A relative newcomer to Kettlebell Sport, Gary started training in March 2015. Four months later, in his first competition at the first OKSE English Cup he came second and qualified for Team England at the World Championships 2015. A qualified Strength & Conditioning coach, Gary has truly been bitten by the bug. “There are many things to love about this sport, the thing I enjoy the most is that this is you versus the bells and the clock. The other competitors are there to encourage you or cheer you on!”

Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson: Marketing
Nick is a personal trainer with his own studio in Hull. In late 2012 Nick formed Hull Kettlebell Club with his co-coach. A few months later competed for the first time at the GSU Scottish open in Glasgow. He finished the 2013 season as the GSU 4 Nations Champion in the 95kg+ Mens Biathlon. More recently he finished 4th place in the mens 95kg+ Amateur Mens Biathlon at the IUKL World Championships in Dublin.


Russell Dawson: Country representative coordinator
I have been involved in kettlebell sport since 2012 and have seen the sport grow every year. During that time I have competed at events throughout Britain and made some great friendships. I have also had the opportunity to learn from some of the best kettlebell athletes in the world.
I am very fortunate to have been involved in kettlebell sport since its infancy in this country and am excited to be a part of its continuing growth.


Dave Moore: GSU rep/Sponsorship
A relative newcomer to sport kettlebells, but has been prowling around gyms for 35+ years. Dave has been actively involved in all sports to county level, athletics hammer and shot, rugby league, tug of war, boxing, strongman and now kettlebells. Dave is one of the Grassroots Kettlebell founders and is the face behind Predator Crossfit and Strongman Metalwork manufacturing bespoke gym equipment. He is also one of the owners of Dominus Strength and Conditioning in York which is a Crossfit affiliated gym under the Kroy Crossfit banner.

Anna Plumridge

Anna Plumridge

Anna Plumridge
Claire Knight
I started training in 2011, then competing from 2013. I am primarily a long cycler and actively campaign for its inclusion as a women’s event in international competitions (both single and double bells). I work in software development at Moggy Tech so use kettlebell sport training as a means of keeping active and for stress relief. ? I love the community around Kettlebell Sport and think that is one of the best things about it. I’m very proud to have competed for England in Long Cycle in the IUKL test events (and getting gold), and of being able to compete in Saint Petersberg, the home of kettlebells.

Associate Committee members

Brian Parker website

Brian Parker: Health and Safety
I started training with Kettlebells in 2013, initially to get trim and lose some weight. I have competed in a number of competitions and had more success than I ever expected, the events although nerve wracking highlighted what a supportive, friendly industry it is. Even when your exhausted the camaraderie and support from everyone to achieve your last rep is unbelievable

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