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We are the Organisation of Kettlebell Sport England. We work to promote and develop kettlebell sport in England and to provide an opportunity for English Kettlebell athletes to represent their country internationally.

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The easiest way to describe it is “endurance weightlifting”.

The 2 main disciplines of the sport are the Biathlon (which is comprised of two separate events, the Jerk and the Snatch) and the Long-cycle which in essence is a Clean and Jerk.

All lifts are carried out for a maximum of 10 minutes (in Biathlon there must be at least 30 minutes break between the Jerk and the Snatch)in which the athletes aim to complete as many quality reps as possible without placing the kettlebell(s) on the ground.

Men complete the Long Cycle and Jerk portion of the Biathlon with 2 kettlebells, whilst women use only one kettlebell.

The snatch is contested using one kettlebell in both male and female categories. One hand switch allowed during the set.

Whenever using one kettlebell, be in the snatch (for both gender categories), or in the women’s Jerk and Long-Cycle, the athletes are allowed to change hands only once during the set.

Kettlebell weights used in the men’s category usually are: 16kgs, 20kgs, 24kgs, 28kgs and 32kgs and 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg and 24kg for the women’s division.

Athletes compete in bodyweight categories that increase by 5kg, men’s start at 63kg and go all the way to 95+kg and women’s begin at 53kg all the way to 68+kg.

IUKL European Championships 2017 – Latvia

Five brilliant lifters flew out to Latvia in May to compete against the best in Europe:

Jenny Whitcombe 16kg and 12kg snatch
Joanne Tonkin 16kg
Simon Trenholm 24kg Biathlon
Ste Gordon 32kg Longcycle
Gina O’keeffe 12kg longcycle and snatch

Simon achieved 91 Jerk reps and 167 snatch reps
Joanne snatched 100reps
Ste won bronze with 43 reps
Gina won gold in longcycle with 112reps and silver in snatch with 211reps
Jenny dropped the kettlebell halfway through her 16kg snatch set, scoring 66 reps. However she went on to score 215 reps in 12kg snatch and win gold!
Congratulations to all five English athletes.

Meanwhile back in Birmingham, at the BodyPower Exhibition

A group of athletes from OKSE, GSU and Grassroots spent a busy weekend introducing kettlebell sport to the weight lifting and body building community. We shared a stand with Chia Charge and Wolverson who were very supportive, loaning kettlebells and donating prizes for the two minute jerk challenge we ran.

Exhibition attendees were invited to lift for 2 minutes, with a prize every hour for the person who lifted the most. Our stand attracted several hundred willing competitors and a crowd of interested onlookers. We gave out leaflets explaining kettlebell sport and talked to many curious coaches, PTs and weightlifters. Really great advertising for the sport. Many thanks to Chris Guyll and Dave Moore, whose hard work secured the stand and the sponsorship and the many athletes who came along to help out.

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